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We Value Veterans

We value Veterans!  We recognize that our freedoms as individuals and as a business are granted to us as a result of the courage and willingness of our military heroes.  We are forever thankful to our veterans!

Do you want to hire a veteran? Click here.

There are numerous benefits available to businesses who hire veterans. Many are listed below or you can contact a local Veteran Employment Specialist directly (numbers are listed below).

Are you a veteran who needs a job? Click here.

Or, you may call the Michigan Veteran Resource Service Center (800-MICH-VET) (800-642-4838).

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ETDI partners with State of Michigan Veteran Employment Specialists to assist veterans and eligible spouses in need of additional help in securing appropriate employment.

  • Highland Park – (313) 736-5253
  • Wayne – (734) 858-1563
  • Clinton Township – (586) 286-9514
  • Roseville – (586) 447-9205 or (586) 447-9222

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